2nd attempted sexual assault following car crash off 215 Freeway in Riverside

RIVERSIDE >> For the second time in six days, a woman reported Thursday that a man crashed into her vehicle on the 215 Freeway in Riverside, then attempted to sexually assault her when she pulled over.

Neither woman was sexually assaulted. But both were robbed, Riverside police say.

Police can’t say for sure whether the same man carried out both attacks – the woman accosted Thursday morning was not able to provide a description of the man or his vehicle, said Officer Ryan Railsback, a Riverside police spokesman.

But the circumstances are similar: Both attacks started with a woman being rear-ended as she drove in the early-morning hours along the same stretch of the 215 near UC Riverside. That part of the 215 is also Highway 60.

Police recommend that anyone involved in a car accident pull over to a well-lit, public place, Railsback said.

If someone is hit and believes the crash was intentional, Railsback said, they should call 911 immediately, provide a detailed description of the suspect and vehicle, and continue driving until they find a safe place to stop and wait for assistance.

About 4:15 a.m. Thursday, a woman was driving north on the freeway between University Avenue and Blaine Street when someone ran into her vehicle, said Railsback. Both vehicles involved in the collision pulled over, and the man driving the other vehicle tried to sexually assault the woman, Railsback said.

The woman fended off the sexual assault, but was robbed, Railsback said….

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