This S.C. House member is a gun advocate. But now he's barred from having one.

State representative Chris Corley, who has a pro-gun voting record, will have to keep his hands off firearms until his domestic violence case is resolved, or risk going back to jail.

Corley, R-Aiken, was arrested Tuesday on charges of first-degree criminal domestic violence and pointing and presenting a firearm, authorities said. Aiken County deputies say the lawmaker punched his wife of 12 years in the face, drawing blood, and he pointed a 9mm pistol at her when she accused him of cheating.

Aiken County Magistrate Melanie DuBose placed some restrictions on the 36-year-old Corley during his bond hearing. She forbade him from having any contact with his wife or going near any domestic violence shelter. Corley, who is an attorney in Augusta, Ga., will be allowed to travel to and from work.

Prosecutors also requested a firearms restriction and the judge granted it. A defendant only has to surrender his firearms if a judge issues an order instructing him to do so, which DuBose did not.

“While he’s out on bond, he shouldn’t be in possession of any weapons,” said Capt. Eric Abdullah, an Aiken County sheriff’s spokesman. “If he’s caught in possession of a weapon, his bond can be revoked by a bond court judge.”

In cases when a judge orders a defendant to surrender any firearms, the defendant can choose to turn them over to law enforcement or secure them at a family member’s home, Abdullah said.

It remains unclear if Corley owned any other firearms besides a 9mm.

Corley’s wife told deputies he threatened to…

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