Samuel Baker: Teacher provides invaluable lesson for Turlock students

Re “Refugee students a gift to classroom” (Letters, Dec. 24): The letter by Paul Hazelton, a Turlock teacher regarding an enlightening transformation of his class brought on by a single refugee student, was a bright spot in a rather cold, dismal 2016. He personifies what a teacher would be, in an ideal scholastic setting.

Welcoming diversity, making sure that the students know we are all immigrants (myself and most others generations ago), and letting the pursuit of knowledge that these refugees seem to have and the fact that we, in this country, usually take school for granted, are invaluable lessons. I salute you, and your attention to your profession, Mr. Hazelton. I’m from a family with many educators, and while they resent the bureaucratic morass that stifles their teaching goals – and silently (usually) curse the administrative toadies – they relish the classroom setting, and encourage the very atmosphere that Mr. Hazelton has presented. Thank you.

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