New play area planned for Campbell Community Center

The city of Campbell is looking for someone to design and construct a new playground near the Campbell Community Center. The play area will be for school-age children and will be placed near the existing soccer fields and parking lot.

The community center has a playground for Delphi Academy students, but it is not open to the public. Outside the center there is also a sports field with a track, an exercise area, skate park and picnic area.

The city recently put out a call for proposals to design the playground. The city is looking to add something for younger children to play on when visitors come to the community center for activities or sporting events.

“We weren’t offering this amenity,” public works director Todd Capurso said. “It makes sense to have a play area.”

Construction could begin by November, when seasonal sports teams take a break from using the fields, Capurso said.

“We’re looking for the best time of the year when the fields aren’t in use,” he added.

The selected project consultant will analyze the land to see what type of play structures, landscaping, fencing and signage would be suitable.

“The configuration might be a bit of challenge,” Capurso said, acknowledging the allotted space may be hard to work with given its small size. “We can’t get too creative with this spot.”

The city is expected to reach out to neighbors near the community center, along with stakeholders such as tenants and sports programs, to get their thoughts on the project.

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