Lawsuit alleges nail salon in Orange exploited Vietnamese workers

SANTA ANA – Attorneys with Asian Americans Advancing Justice have joined a lawsuit accusing an Orange nail salon of exploiting manicurists through alleged wage abuses the civil rights group contends are common in the industry.

The complaint, filed last week in Orange County Superior Court on behalf of four Vietnamese American women who used to work at Tustin Nail Spa, which is in Orange on North Tustin Street.

The lawsuit says that the four were made to work long hours without meal or rest breaks, did not receive minimum wage or overtime, were forced to work off of the clock, and were charged unlawfully for using salon equipment and supplies.

The lawsuit was initially filed in early 2015 by the women and a private attorney but, according to records, has essentially languished in court.

Lawyers with Asian Americans Advancing Justice, with the help of co-counsel from employment attorneys at a Los Angeles firm, hope to revive the legal challenge.

“We feel that the case will be able to make a bigger impact than just the employees in this case,” said Kat Choi, an attorney with Advancing Justice. “We really hope to shine a light on prevalent practices within the industry and level the playing field for the lawful employers.”

Ownership of Tustin Nail Spa has changed several times since the women involved in the lawsuit worked at the business. The lawsuit targets the initial owners, as well as subsequent owners, alleging that the sales of the business were meant to avoid potential legal…

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