Eaglet egg may be hatching on live cam

Much as the popular Hatchimals – toys that “hatched” from an egg-like shell – created a craze during holidays, watching a real egg hatch in real time has captured the interest of the nation.

We’ve been watching the live Southwest Florida Eagle Cam for three days, and it looks like one of the eggs may have begun to hatch.

The eagle Harriet stood up to reposition herself, and you could glimpse what looked like a crack in one of the eggs.


The arrival of Harriet’s little eagles has captured the attention of tens of thousands of viewers.

Dick Pritchett Real Estate Inc. set up their Southwest Florida Eagle Cam four years ago, sharing the bird’s eye view of an eagle’s nest to 16 million people worldwide.

Harriet the American bald eagle and her mate named M15 laid her first egg in season five this year on Nov. 22. Her second egg came three days later.

According to the National Eagle Center, the incubation period for an eagle egg is about 35 days.

How long do you think it will be before we see an eaglet?

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