Antioch’s overcrowded animal shelter to stop accepting surrenders

ANTIOCH — There’s no room at the inn — or animal shelter.

As of Tuesday, Antioch Animal Services stopped accepting animals that people bring by for surrender unless they have an appointment.

The shelter already has removed the outside cages that pet owners were using after hours to drop off their dog or cat. As for those who find a stray or injured animal when the shelter is closed, they now must hold onto it until the facility reopens or, in the case of a medical emergency, take it to East Bay Veterinary Emergency at 1312 Sunset Drive. The city will cover the bill.

Chronically overcrowded, the shelter is trying to keep animals in their homes by helping their owners with the problems that are prompting them to give them up: Some can’t afford pet food or spay and neuter costs, for example, while others might need a hand finding an apartment that accepts pets or coming up with the money for a pet deposit.

The funds making this possible come from Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation and Maddie’s Fund.

Pet owners will be required to go to the shelter’s website and fill out a questionnaire. Someone from ARF’s Pet Safety Net program will contact them to arrange for help or schedule an appointment to surrender the animal.

The city is asking residents to support the shelter with donations, all of which will go into an account that only will be used for the facility’s operations and capital improvements.

Contributions can be made online at

Antioch Animal Services’…

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